Kuldeep Plywood Industries is over fifty year's old family business committed to deliver quality products in the plywood industrial market. Our roots dates back to 1965 when Krishna Kumar Gupta started in the saw milling industry. His path and entrance took Kuldeep Plywood Industries from being a small co-operative sawmill to a well locally renowned plywood manufacturer and a major employer in the area. 

Krishna Kumar Gupta's son Kuldeep Raj Gupta followed his father's path and expanded the company's operations to include Plywood, Film Faced and Block Board. The expertise of company has actively grown decades by decades with markable success in gaining a high share in Lucknow's plywood market and delivering quality with great customer satisfaction. 

Our Operations are guided by our core values quality, creativity, customer satisfaction and profitability. The director Kuldeep Raj Gupta maintains "A customer should always be a god for any business". This mature words are the guidelines on which Kuldeep Plywood Industries work on and the compony maintains and innovates itself from time to time to meet the present customer's and market needs. 

Excellence is only achieved through a strong commitment. That is why Kuldeep Plywood Industry is committed to wood.